4 Sex Toys You Have To Buy Her

Buy The Hitachi Magic Wand Vibrator

Buy The Hitachi Magic Wand Vibrator

If you’re looking for a great gift to get your girlfriend or you just want to spice things up in the bedroom with your latest partner, then sex toys are a must-have. Chances are that you’ve never bought a sex toy for a woman before, though, so you might just be tempted to grab the nearest dildo and make a run for it. While there’s nothing wrong with your average dildo, per se, it does leave a bit to be desired. Nowadays, with the amazing technological advances in the sex industry, there are some seriously awesome sex toys out there that you might have overlooked in your haste. You can guarantee your girlfriend or latest hookup partner is going to be amazed and dazzled by these sex toys, and they can really spice up your sex life in ways you never imagined possible. When you’re on the market for a new sex toy to buy for your lover, here are four that you should definitely keep at the top of your list:

1. A Hitachi Magic Wand Vibrator

If you’ve never heard of magic wand vibrators, you could actually be missing out – not just for how it can improve your woman’s sex life, but for how amazing it can actually be for you! These vibrators are definitely big and heavy duty, but they pack a punch in an undeniable way that you can learn to appreciate just as much as your woman of choice will appreciate it. They’re powerful, albeit noisy. However, the noise coming from the vibrator is bound to be masked by the noise coming from a woman whenever she uses one. They’re basically magic orgasm machines, so if you’re with a woman who has trouble coming from vaginal sex, then add a Hitachi to the mix and you’re set for life. They’re definitely worth every penny. You may even want to wind up picking one up for yourself, so give this a shot next time you’re on the market for a new toy!

2. A Bullet Vibe or Panty Vibe

Try A Bullet Vibe Or Panty Vibe

Try A Bullet Vibe Or Panty Vibe

Bullet vibrators may be on the opposite end of the size spectrum from the Hitachi, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t powerful too. These little suckers can fit on the tip of your finger or can nestle into a woman’s panties, and it’ll get right to business. There’s no messing around with a bullet vibe or panty vibe because they get right to the heart of things and sit right where she needs the stimulation the most. Don’t pass these up when you’re looking at sex toys to buy, because they can really change your entire sex life for the better.

3. Nipple Clamps

Nipple Clamps

Nipple Clamps

Nipple clamps might be a bit more unusual than your typical sex toy, but that doesn’t mean that they won’t be just as amazing. It’s a great way to stimulate your partner’s nipples while you’re occupied with other things – like going down on them or actually having intercourse – and you can tug on them to heighten the sensation. Not all women are going to like these, but you should still buy a pair and give them a shot. Who knows? Maybe you’ll be the one who winds up liking them, but you won’t know until you give them a try. They’re usually fairly cheap and they can wind up making sex even more amazing for her, which will keep her coming back to your bed. It’s a win-win situation, so don’t pass by this opportunity for fun.


4. Ben Wa Balls

These are a bit less of a sex toy and more of a sex tool, but they can be used as a toy as well. Ben Wa balls, though they have many different names, are usually hollow balls with a small weight inside. Inserting them into your partner’s vagina can not only help her use her Kegel muscles to keep them in, which will help tighten her up, but it can be used during sex for quite a bit of stimulation. If you see these, you should definitely snatch them up and give them a try. She might wind up loving them, and you might wind up getting to appreciate her newfound Kegel skills.

Why Android Is Good for Heavy Customizers

If You Like To Customize Your Phone An Android Is Right For You

If You Like To Customize Your Phone An Android Is Right For You

There are reasons why all of the mobile phones on the market right now could foreseeable be good choices for consumers. The iPhone has a streamlined, simplistic and easy-to-follow design, Microsoft offers the Windows Phone 8 software and Google offers the Android system. They all have their pros and cons and there are tricks to improving the functionality of all of them, but Android is easily the best for people who like a lot of customization when it comes to the way their phone looks and runs. It’s different from Apple and Microsoft, who make their software a certain way and don’t like it to be tampered with. Google likes to give its users freedom.


Android software is good because it gives you a chance to personalize how everything looks, making your phone uniquely yours inside and out. The display fonts on the phone can be changed, but most models only come pre-programmed with three or four different fonts but what some people don’t know is that more fonts can be downloaded from the app store to further personalize the device. Unlike iPhones, which only allow the customization of home screen icons if the phone has been jailbroken, Android allows you to download themes and custom home launchers to change how it looks.
Most people know, of course, that you can change the pictures on your home screen or lock screen to something that you took a photo of or something that you saved from the internet. But there are other appearance-related things that can be changed, such as setting another photo as the background for your text messages and changing the style of the message bubbles. It seems like a feature that has no purpose, but for people who really like to change how their phone looks it’s a great option to have.


Android's Hardware

Android’s Hardware

Phones made for Android also have quite a bit of leeway when it comes to hardware. If you know what you’re doing, you can mod a phone no matter who the manufacturer is because of the way Android phones are built. It’s a bit different from the problem that iPhone users often run into. Once you’ve exhausted the storage on an iPhone, you’re out of luck but if you exceed the storage on an Android device you can move apps around or partition certain parts of the OS off and put in a new SD card to get a little extra space. Android-operating phones are great and have quite a few physical customization options.

Functional Tweaks

Make It Work According To Your Needs

Make It Work According To Your Needs

Even more than just the way the phone looks and sounds, you can change the way your phone works. Many people choose Android because they like to have not only the latest and greatest in technology in regards to the device itself, but they like to have the newest features even some time before Android works them into an OS of their own. When you get an Android phone, you’re giving yourself the possibility of being able to customize your phone even beyond what the basic software that comes on the phone offers. Because all of Android is open source, it’s very easy to change the way the OS works to quite some extent, up to and including changing the entire OS it’s running on by installing custom ROMs. Although Android is great for people who like to customize the look and function of their device, it’s best not to start changing hardware of software in your device unless you’re positive you know what you’re doing or you could end up irreparably wrecking a fairly expensive piece of technology, and that’s not going to leave you anywhere good.

4 Methods for Increasing Your Exposure

Increasing Your Business Exposure

Increasing Your Business Exposure

Once your business is up and running and you’ve gotten yourself established, it’s time to start getting your brand noticed by more people. You could be content with the amount of exposure you’re getting right now, but that’s not the kind of attitude that leads to anything more than a moderate amount of success. There are a wide range of ideas you can leverage to increase your exposure, and in the end that will translate to better word of mouth for your business, more customers, and a growing company that you can be proud of. Don’t just sit around being satisfied with what you’ve got; a big part of being a business owner is being a go-getter, and it’s time you started doing just that.

You Have Social Media Pages, So Use Them

Everyone knows that playing an active part in social networking is a must for many businesses these days, and you can reach a huge number of people through services like Facebook and Twitter who otherwise might never even hear about your brand. Use these pages as a way to connect with the kind of audience you want to target your business at, and engage them with interesting content and information that gets them excited about your brand. Networking this way can lead to more sales or even business connections that can help you out further down the road in ways you might not expect. Don’t just sign up for Twitter and never make a post; find some interesting to follow and join in the conversation. Promote yourself online just like you would in the physical world and reap the rewards.

Press Releases Aren’t Just for Corporations

Keep People Informed About Your Business

Keep People Informed About Your Business

You should be writing a press release whenever your company is getting ready to release a new product, have a big sale, make a change in your structure, or offer a cutting-edge new service. Practice writing engaging copy that will get people excited about what you’re about to do, or use them to spin possibly negative news into something that’s framed in a way to actually benefit you. Submit your press releases to local papers or news stations, post them to your social networking pages, and get involved with one of the many websites that aggregate press releases and help disseminate them for you. These are a great way to get noticed, and the best part is that putting out a press release can be done at no additional cost to you. A well-written press release can easily get picked up by a news site and turned into an article all about your brand.

Cross-Promote and Link-Share Online

Don’t just submit your main company website and your social networking pages to search engines when you could be using the actual networking capabilities of places like Facebook and Twitter to get others to re-share your content. Link up with other content promoters and see about agreeing to share links to your website, products, or all the new press releases you’re writing in exchange for occasionally doing the same for them. This is one of the oldest and most successful tactics for getting your brand noticed on the Internet, and it’s that way for a reason: it works! You’ll be surprised at how many more people become aware of you once you’ve identified some like-minded business owners to cross-promote with who will help you get your name out there.

Make Your Own Ads for YouTube

Put Social Media To Work For You

Put Social Media To Work For You

One of the greatest advantages available to you as a business owner in the Internet age is that you can completely bypass the traditional advertising model and do things your own way. Reaching people with only bland text content can be difficult, and advertising on the radio is a very limited avenue for exposure these days; instead, consider investing in making your own commercials for your products and services and then putting those videos up on a YouTube account created just for your company. From there, you can share the video onto your social networking pages and ask for people to "Like" your video, comment, and re-share it so that even more people see it. Make your ads somewhat humorous for added effect, and take full advantage of the possibility that your video might "go viral" and become a new Internet sensation.

Four Sports that Shed Weight Fast

Swimming Is The Most Complete Exercise

Swimming Is The Most Complete Exercise

Whether you’re ten or eighty, sports are still a great way to have fun and stay active without paying a ton of money to do it. These days everything costs money, but that doesn’t mean you should break the bank getting back in shape. Besides, sports can be done with friends, or alone in some cases. If you have buddies to go out with, that’s great. If not, it’s no big deal. You can either find someone who wants to play with you, or you can play by yourself. Don’t worry about looking weird – it’s more interesting than hitting the gym every day to get fit, and it works way faster.


Depending on whether or not you have access to an indoor pool, this can be a year-round sport for you. It’s also the best one for losing weight in a hurry, because the water puts resistance on you while you swim and works you harder than any other sports. The best part is that you don’t even notice that you’re being worked harder because the water keeps you cool while you do it and soothes your joints. This is also the best sport for you to take up if you’re more overweight, because of how the water will support you. That means you don’t have gravity weighing on you while you’re trying to get a workout, and that can really come in handy. In fact, the most common way for people to lose weight quickly when they’re obese is to get in the water.

If you can’t swim, there are always lessons available. Check your newspapers or community centers, and get going. It’s never too late to learn to swim, and besides, then you’ll be able to survive if you fall off a boat. There are normally lanes roped off for people to swim for exercise and not just to have fun, so take advantage of those to get your workout instead of running into people in the main pool.


Go Out, Exercise And Socialize

Go Out, Exercise And Socialize

Almost all parks have basketball courts, and if not, a hoop isn’t too expensive. In fact, after losing weight by playing basketball, the thing would pay for itself. It’s cheaper than a gym membership, at any rate. Basketball works your arms and your legs at the same time, and hones your hand-eye coordination. You do have to watch it if you’re overweight, as running and dribbling can put too much strain on your joints, but after a while of drilling with the basketball, your body will get used to it. Play one-on-one with a friend, play by yourself, or get a whole team together. A lot of people put together teams with people from work, which is a great way to get fit with a group.


Soccer The Worlds Sport

Soccer The Worlds Sport

This sport is more for the warmer months, as indoor soccer arenas are hard to come by and even harder to rent for personal use, but it’s fun nonetheless. At any rate, it’s a great way to train your legs and get an awesome cardio workout at the same time. This one works best if you can get a team together, but if you can’t then it’s just as effective to run drills and keep running until you get the results you want. You’d have to pair this sport with a bit of upper arm lifting, though, as there’s kind of a no-hands rule in soccer. Either way, though, this strenuous cardio makes for a great weight loss opportunity.


Unless you want to play paddleball with yourself for hours on end, you’re going to need a partner for this one. Find a friend, a coworker, or a lovely lady to go practice with, and get a move on! This sport is a great companion to soccer, as it works your arms and torso, but doesn’t do much for your legs. If you’re overweight, though, this is an easier sport because it doesn’t involve as much cardio as the others. Unless you want professional grade equipment, people are always selling off tennis rackets at garage sales and thrift stores for ridiculously cheap. Just get some balls to hit around, and you’re good to go. There are also a lot of tennis courts that are free to the public in most areas. If not, make your own tennis court anywhere you want, and get the same workout. Getting outside and playing often will get you the results you want in no time.

Where to Comparison Shop for Shoes

Enjoy Shoe Shopping

Enjoy Shoe Shopping?

Shoes are possibly the strangest item to shop for. There are so many options, and for something so small so many of them are really expensive. When you’re looking for shoes it can be hard to save money while getting something comfortable and stylish. Here’s a rundown on where you should go in order to get the shoes that you need.

Thrift Stores

You should go to thrift stores to shoes shop even if you’re not normally a fan. Used shoes are among the less personal clothing items available. This is especially true of nicer shoes. They were probably only worn a handful of times, and could still have a lot of good use left in them. Thrift store shoes can a major find, and shopping for shoes doesn’t take the hours that it can take to shop for other items of clothing there. It’s much quicker to check sizes, slip them on, and see if they’re going to work for you. Shoes are also often priced to move at thrift stores. If you’re looking for something in particular you might be out of luck, but if you just need a basic dress or formal shoe thrift stores can be an inexpensive way to get them even if you’re just going to wear them once.

Overstock Websites

Shop On-line In The Comfort Of Your Home

Buy Them From Home.. Do Online Shopping

When you’ve checked out the thrift stores you should head online. You can avoid the reselling websites, because people who sell there often try to jack up the price to get a little more interest in them then they deserve. What you want are the overstock websites. These sites sell shoes that didn’t sell well enough on other sites or in brick and mortar stores. These shoes are typically brand name or close to it, trendy, and only slightly less popular. You could wind up with an unusual color or a minor variation that proved less popular but is still ultimately fashionable.

Only Do It for Common Sizes

The problem with this advice is that if you have an uncommon shoe size you may not want to shop online. Many of these stores only stock popular sizes, and even if they may seem to have your size often all sales are final. If you get your shoes in the mail and discover that they flat out don’t fit you properly, you’re out of luck. If you have wide feet or unusually large or small feet you will be able to find shoes for yourself online, but they will come from specialty sites and may not be cheap.

Always Check the Country of Origin

Buy Safe: Check The Country Of Origin

Buy Safe: Check The Country Of Origin

Before you buy something always make sure that it’s in the right size for your country. An Australian size 10 and an US size 10 are two very different shoes. It’s unlikely that someone could wear both of these sizes. If you see a shoe you like that comes in a different country’s sizing, there are size conversion charts that you can use to figure out which size actually fits you the best.